Innovative Washing Machines

Washing machine is one of the most sought after mechanical devices in the modern society. Like all other consumer oriented appliances, These machines also underwent substantial changes in their designs as well as in their contents. From the original crude form this device was transformed to improved versions like semi automatic, fully automatic and then to a programmable machine. It was really an eventful journey for this result oriented appliance in the past 4 decades. Changes became inevitable as the needs of the consumers were also changing rapidly. Their requirements are diverse. In the context of the hectic lifestyles of the contemporary society they are looking for special features that can lessen the burden of household chores. Programmable machines could meet the expectations of modern home makers to a great extent.

But there were certain other constraints other than the working patterns of the washing machine they want to procure. Many consumers who live in small households like apartments have to consider the space available to install the machine. Even though modern machines are highly utilitarian, they are considerably large in size to occupy substantial space. ifb washing machine 6.5 kg front load In such circumstances compact washer dryer and combo machines are the appropriate alternatives. Small families will have lesser number of clothes to be washed and therefore small and compact appliances are being sought after in their endeavor to save space. There is an added advantage that the compact machines are cheaper than the larger versions.

In response to the increasing demands in the markets, leading manufacturers introduced innovative washing machines which are compact but result oriented. Zanussi, LG, Samsung, Bosch and Beko are among them. Compact versions of this machines or washer dryer combo machines have features that are identical to those available in the larger ones. With spin speeds of 1000 to 1300 rpm, the machines are capable to handle 3 to 7 Kg of clothes. Some of them can facilitate washing and drying separately. Programmable machines can be set to start at a predetermined time which may be stretched to about 20 hours. There will be several temperature options and invariably 3 to 5 options are available in most of the machines. One of the latest products has 9 washing programmes to facilitate washing of clothes with different textures.

The compact models of washer machines are energy efficient and many of the well known brands come with energy rating ‘A’. Manufacturers have taken care to make the machines eco friendly in tune with the universal concern for environment. It is also imperative to make the machine water efficient. Latest models consume 25 percent less water than standard machines. Further compact washer machines are time saving devices too. They can complete the process in about 30 minutes while their larger counterparts take about 45 minutes to one hour.

Consumers can opt for washer dryer combo machines which are more economical in the use of energy and water. Care should be taken to use liquid detergents and softeners to enhance the efficiency of the machines. Washers with stackable dryers are good options even though such machines are expensive. It is advisable to choose only reputed brands so as to ensure efficiency and reliability. They are covered by foolproof warranty and after sale service. However there are machines which are popular in certain regions, manufactured and marketed by lesser known companies. Few of such machines are proved to be durable and dependable. Consumers have to exercise care and caution in choosing the right product. Washing machine is an expensive product and generally considered to be a life time investment.

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